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NEW!   STARTING JUNE 24th Dr. Du will be setting up his Acupuncture Clinic here at Modern Hair Designers.

Dr. Du is from Madison and is excited to help our community. He has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 20 years specializing on chronic pain, addiction, and complex disease. He usually uses comprehensive treatment to help people for touch situations in including nutrition recommendations and life style changing.

Credential: Dr. Du is the third generation of his family in TCM and passionate for people's problem treating the body as a whole. He has been the main speaker at the Traditional Chinese Medicine International Conference.

"I believe my patients have the right to know and understand what is causing their pain, and deserve a clear explanation of what can be treated for their condition. Educating my patients of what they can do at home to help them will expedite their healing process and prevent recurrence chronic pain and cost saving."

Acupunture Clinic with Dr. Du


Modern Hair Designers I

7  Ninth Street • Clintonville, WI


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